de forest/sanabria television


Included in the collection:

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CORRESPONDENCE between Lee de Forest and John Sanabria on numerous collaborations; patent applications, and personal notes, most of which are hand written.

PHOTOGRAPHS of American Television’s facilities, ATI classes, tube plant facilities, personnel, and equipment from the 1940’s and 1950’s Including detailed photographs of wiring and assembly of equipment.

PAPERS consisting of developmental documents/progress reports, schematics, minutes of FCC broadcast standards (establishment of 540 line standard) correspondence with governmental agencies, invention of Hydrogen Thyratron test equipment for US Military, and numerous notes and correspondence solving a variety of problems, sketches of new ideas/inventions, patent applications, personal notes, and rough drafts of the above mentioned items.

EQUIPMENT  Numerous items including test equipment used by American Television in the invention and advancement of television, and includes a case of Ghost Eliminators (invented by JMSanabria).  Other items include the corporate seal for American Television, and a “negative ion generator” invented by U.A. plus a 27” deForest Sanabria television and a 19” American Televsion  set.

TUBES numerous tubes from small radio/television tubes to large Hydrogen Thyratron, (developed by JMSanabria) CRT’s, Image Orthicon, and experimental tubes from ATI are included.

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS used by American Television Institute, the electronics school established during WWII to train electronic engineers.

There are many instructional books and test materials published by ATI plus many reference books from outside sources.  An electronics book from 1903  (in German) was a gift to U.A Sanabria and signed by Lee de Forest.   There are also booklets published by American Television for advertising and recruitment.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLES There are numerous newspaper articles on American/ deForest Sanabria Television, Lee de Forest,  U.A. Sanabria, and breakthroughs in television in general.

LINKS to Biographies of U.A. Sanabria and Lee de Forest

BIOGRAPHY of John Marshall Sanabria including biography, resume, inventions and photographs.

INVENTORY a list of folders containing numerous documents and photographs, by general category.

a collection of papers, photographs, artifacts, equipment and tubes from american television and de forest sanabria corporation, (1935 to 1958) and the estate of john sanabria, engineer.